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Since 2015, Dedicate Healthy Kitchen has been providing quality food for a variety of lifestyles. We understand the challenges of living a healthy lifestyle, while building your own empire at home. Whether its a business empire, a family empire, or climbing your way to the top of your job empire, you’re busy, we get it. This is why Dedicate offers a dine-in restaurant service, for our social butterflies, a to-go option for our on the go, go getters, and meal prep for those who are all of the above. We strive to create a personal connection with each and every one of you, so we have a great understanding of your needs, because let’s face it, our needs are always changing. So sit back, do the things you enjoy the most, and leave the cooking to our amazing team at Dedicate Healthy Kitchen!

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Freshness, quality , nutrition profile, and flavour are just a few words to describe what goes into our menu choices here at Dedicate Kitchen. We have a variety of items on our menu to ensure that when you stop by, you can be sure to find an item that fits your lifestyle. Everyone has different goals , and you’ll see how our menu reflects that. The flavour of our dishes is what will surprise you the most. We have worked long and hard to provide the best quality , along with the best flavour profiles to have you leaving our store satisfied and planning to come back for dinner. Finally , a restaurant you can visit twice (or more) per day and not feel guilty!

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Come and get “Dedicated” at any of our locations. Can’t find a Dedicate store near by? We are continuously expanding and hope to be at a location closer to you soon!

Healthy Kitchen | Eagle Ridge

Unit 17-135 Eagle Ridge Blvd, Fort McMurray AB, T9K 2Z7

Monday–Sunday ………………………….. 10am–9pm


Healthy Kitchen | Marda Loop

Unit 110-2107 34th Avenue, Calgary AB, T2T 2C5

Monday–Sunday ………………………….. 10am–9pm